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Atlantis is a reality

Atlantis, one of the most debated subjects in Mythology and Legend. Its Whereabouts have been sought after debated and speculated about for 1000's of years.
That debate is now at an end, the very fact you are reading this, tells me you are able to think out of the box, open to a different way of thinking, the material I am presenting here isn't difficult to understand, the information has been hidden in plain sight.
Put down for the moment all that you may have read or have been lead to believe, all that we are taught is flawed riddled with holes and inaccuracies bandaged and held together with that stiff upper lip of the institutionally taught academics and professors. Clutching desperately to a hypothesis based on guesswork and comradeship.
Historical misrepresentations do occasionally receive amendments, when these learned professionals muster enough courage to challenge their own fraternity, rather than continue to drown in the stench of their own complacency, or more often when the establishment decides it is safe to ratify these changes to the ordered scheme of things.

We just need to view the clues in a different way, to be able to decipher the meaning of the symbology so that for ourselves we can start to discover that ….

“The Pharisees and-the-scribes, they took the keys of Knowledge; they hid them; nor did not they go in, and those who desire to go in, did not they permit them. You however, come to be cunning, like the snakes, and innocent, like the doves.”
The Gnostic gospels The Gospel of Thomas Nag Hammadi manuscripts

This story started long ago, nobody knows for sure when, There are, according to some, no true historical records, no pictorial hieroglyphs carved on ancient monoliths, no megalithic structures or ruined cities to reveal the whereabouts of the fabled Atlantis, home of the most technologically advanced civilization this planet has ever have known.

My Father had given me a book, the book was called Freemasonry: A Celebration of the Craft, in this book was a photograph of the ceiling of the Masonic grand temple in London.
The Whole ceiling is a beautiful work of art adorned with pictures of winged angels, King Solomon and Hiram Abiff Solomon’s chief architect who was supposedly murdered by three degenerates who tried unsuccessfully to get him to reveal the Master Masons secret password.

This temple with its amazingly intricate Artwork sits below a Pyramidal roof.

Around the middle of this ceiling to all four sides are these words


Words taken from The Davidic Covenant delivered from the Supreme Being to Nathan for him to tell to David in the bible 2 Samuel 7:4-16 and 1 Chronicles 17:3-15

Each Masonic lodge has inside it a temple that is a replica of Solomon’s temple, after the famed biblical ruler who built the temple in Jerusalem.
In Islamic tradition Solomon was such a good ruler that the God asked if there was anything she could provide to reward him, apparently Solomon declined asking just for the strength to be able to rule this Gods people, the God was so impressed the she gave Solomon immense riches, a harem of women and the power to control the Djinn, the flying creatures that were made from fire, also known to us as Genies. One of these Djinn was called Shaytan, Iblis or Satan. God Banished Shaytan from his kingdom after she had created Adam the first Man from clay and ordered that all the Djinn should bow down before this creation her best yet and Shaytan refused believing that he was better than Adam.

The stories of the Djinn being made of fire suggests to me being made of metal, this makes me think of science fiction stories where robots made of metal first become self aware and then go on to believe themselves to be better than the creator, in many such tales the scenario eventually descends into rebellion or where the robots outlive the mortal creator and progress to designing and manufacturing  better and better versions of themselves, which they know or believe to be better than those of the original creator.

Between Solomon and Hiram rest the Ark of the Covenant between two pillars, atop the ark sit two Cherubim separating them there appears to be a cushion fashioning the Mercy Seat.

It’s interesting to note that the cherubim upon the mercy seat. Called kaporeth, the place where, the khepers or k'roublm were placed.  The Sanskrit word for scarab (carabha) is the same as the Hebrew 'Word. K’roub Cherub, plural K'roubim. (Cherubim), to quote Isaac Myer in his book from 1894 “SCARABS”

 “To the people of our day, the high position enjoyed in the religion of Ancient Egypt by this insect, appears very strange, for to us, there is nothing attractive about it. With that people however it held, for some fifty centuries ; the position in their religion which the Latin cross now holds with us as Christians,”

Read the full article.

An interesting fact is that the ark seems to date from a time even before Moses my thoughts are that the ark wasn't built by Moses but actually taken from Egypt by him when he fled.

In my mind is we are actually following religions which are based firmly on an ancient religion specifically that of the ancient Egyptians and their deities Take for instance the similarities between AMUN also spelt Amoun or AMEN and the ending to every Christian prayer AMEN.

Extending upwards from the ark is a ladder reaching upwards towards a large golden stylized symbol looking like a letter s or a Yod the tenth letter of the Hebrew alphabet I now believe this symbol to be a hysteresis curve an explanation of which later will make clear what I mean.

The Four Winged creatures on the ceiling of the temple are each assigned a word, Justice,  Fortitude, Temperance and Prudence, my first searches for the meaning of these titles gave me many links to tarot cards, this only confused me if not instilling greater fear into me as to just what these grown men might be dabbling with behind closed doors. Each angel is stood in front of a colored vesica 2 red and  1 green and 1 black.

Further research showed me that these four titles are the Four Cardinal Virtues originally taken from Plato’s Protagoras.

Most of the detail on the ceiling is easy to see with the naked eye, but around the central star in its golden Hajar al aswad is a border that contains twenty six sets of triple concentric squares arranged with 5 sets to each of the furthest ends and eight to each side of this rectangular central piece, then to the four corners created by this arrangement of the squares was a design repeated in each that I couldn’t make out. I decided to take another high resolution picture of the page to enlarge these elusive details.

I hurriedly transferred the data across to my PC opened up Photoshop and zoomed into one of the tiled pictures, my heart stood still there between to human figures was a scarab beetle, my head was spinning a eureka moment, overshadowed by a dark figure that was asking me where I thought all this was going and where it might lead, if I only knew.

These four beetles and their human aides are all pointing towards this oversized star of gold and silver.

Jokingly I named the beetles John George Ringo and Paul four of the biggest stars this century,a strange Irony, nowadays I believe there are reasons for these kind of “coincidences”

The Kind of thing I have only ever seen in Egypt specifically in my case in the tomb of Ramses IX

The star at the centre has 16 conical silver white crystal points and 16 gold yellow points around its silver white circular central point, if we take this as most paintings to be a to dimensional representation of a three dimensional object the central point is likely to be another conical crystal point giving us 33 points in total.

At the opposite end of the ceiling stand Euclid and Pythagoras.
Above them between two pillars is an ourboros
Euclid also known as EUCLID OF ALEXANDRIA lived about 300BC it is believed that he also studied in Plato’s academy in Greece.

My Grandpa my Fathers Father was a Freemason  his lodge was Priory Place in Doncaster, considering the Priory of Sion connection with freemasonry whose symbol is a fleur-de-lis, (a stylized lily or iris which in French translates as fleur meaning flower and lis as lily) entwined with a figure of eight the symbol of eternity.
It seemed obvious to me that one of the main symbols used by the freemasons, the set square and compass, has at least one half of the instruments used by sailors of old to help them navigate, and the shape of the two together is very similar to an astronomical sextant. The word degrees therefore are fitting if you think of them as the longitude and latitude grid system also used to navigate around the Earth.

With this in mind I typed in the location 33°N 33°E, as Google Earth accelerated eastwards it zoomed in on the location North of Egypt West of Israel and South of Cyprus, and there

on the floor of the ocean was nothing but a reasonably flat area of seabed, my heart sank I felt certain there should be something there. I stared at the screen; it was as if my crusade was over before it had begun. I flicked the wheel of my mouse forward and back, panning left and right up and down, my mind criticizing itself for being so stupid. I started to pull out further and further, gaining altitude with each jump, then something caught my eye, a few degrees west of my original location was a large apex shaped object, laying on a huge domed feature I moved across centering the objects on the screen, it was too big to be man made  using Google Earths ruler tool I measured it across its widest point, 10 miles WOW definitely not created by human endeavors, it must be a freak anomaly, yet the beauty of its perfect geometry defies any known natural law..

I couldn’t shake the thought of it looking like one half of the Masonic set square and Compass, I was transfixed and as I stared at the screen I found myself feeling like I was falling into a magic eye stereogram, an amazing shape became apparent, the whole location wasn’t just a dome shaped mound, it was a creature, a megalithic insect complete with eyes and legs the dome making up its body, it was a giant Scarab Beetle, the hairs on the back of my neck stood on end as electricity seemed to course though my veins building excitement within me that made me feel like a skyrocket about to explode.

Surely I was imagining this I opened the measuring tool again, this huge Dung Beetle is approximately 30 miles wide by 60 miles long, bigger than any discovery on earth, not only that she is in the right location being north of Egypt to be of significant importance to any Egyptologist worth their weight in sand.

I had to tell somebody so I rang the British Museum I felt like they might think I was a madman, they probably get a thousand phone calls and emails a week from armchair archaeologists, claiming to have found everything from the Ark of the Covenant to Atlantis

I spoke briefly to the duty curator and following my conversation I hurriedly typed this email

From Nik Fenning <>,
Date Wed, Oct 4, 2006 at 4:13 PM
Subject newly discovered Kheper Beetle on Ocean Floor at the 33rd degree by Nicholas Brian Fenning

Good afternoon,
to follow up my name is Nicholas Brian Fenning, and I spoke today at approx 3:45 pm with Derek Wellsby , and informed him of my find that there is a giant Kheper on the floor just south of Cyprus and it is nearly the size of Cyprus, it is really close to 33n 33e, which is where I was looking ,as I noticed that if you mathematically rotate a Stella octangula ( a MER-KA-BA I am sure you are aware that that also is an ancient Egyptian word ) 33.333 degrees you can see the star of David which when you go to the aforementioned lat long you are oddly enough just off the coast of Israel, also 33 degrees is as high as you can get in freemasonry , an organization which my father is a member and my grandfather was also I am hoping this year to be put forward by my father which would strangely enough make me a 3rd generation mason ! The
society hold high their main emblem which I believe is the all seeing eye of Ra .I have attached a screen grab of the Google earth image which I have already forwarded to 25 of my close friends for confirmation of what I feel to be there and they have promised to forward to 5-10 of their contacts to do the same, I feel the more people confirm what can be seen the better.

Please get in touch soon.
Yours faithfully
Nicholas Brian Fenning

To my surprise just 37 minutes later I received a reply from them which read…

From Egyptian <>
To Nik Fenning <>
Date Wed, Oct 4, 2006 at 4:50 PM
Subject RE: newly discovered Kheper Beetle on Ocean Floor at the 33rd degree by Nicholas Brian Fenning

Dear Mr. Fenning
Thanks for the image. Like you say it does bear an resemblance to the shape of a scarab.

Yours sincerely
Derek Welsby

Duty Curator

Atlantis on the ocean floor

The city is in the shape of a huge 60 mile long by 40 mile wide Scarab Beetle with a Giant small country sized Dodecahedron dome for its main rear body . You can make out the symmetry of its legs and eyes .Unfortunatly the dome isn't as easy to make out after all the years of sediment accumulating on it.

The location I was looking at was 33 degrees north and 33 degrees East using the Google Earth tool The reason I was there specifically was because in the freemasons 33 degrees is the highest degree you can attain within this club, and in my logic the set square and compass , well known symbol of the free masons were Sailors tools in days of old , and degrees are latitude and Longitude used on maps to find your way about, so the two were related. I should explain That My father is a freemason as was his father at a Lodge in Doncaster on Priory Place , my father had asked me to join which is why I became obsessed with my research.

The city used to sit at 33N 33E Approx 8000-10,000 years ago but it sits on a tectonic plate that is slowly shifting north west and Cyprus just north of its location is Shifting South East. This Should If the data is available concerning the speed of movement of tectonic plates allow us to date quite accuratly the age of the city, but my guess is that it was built as I said 8000-10000 years ago in the age of cancer.Which I believe I read some where the arguement about the age of the sphinx being around the same sort of time ago coinciding with the Flood mentioned in both the bible and the supposed reason atlantis "SANK" !

4000 Years Ago The Egyptians Were Using The Scarab Beetle as the symbol for one of the twelve zodiacal signs CANCER which also uses the symbolic 69 , the dodecahedron has twelve sides , it was defined by Plato , and was Mentioned in his writing timaeus which is one of the only two written Records in which Atlantis is mentioned the other being Critias also by Plato

Leonardo Da vinci Knew of its existance as I discovered over a year after rediscovering the giant city on the ocean floor

In this image (click for full size) you see north of Egypt south of Cyprus and west of Israel pointing in a north easterly direction. The exact allignment of the diagonals of the Egyptian pyramids, as demonstrated in the image of two alligned north screen grabs from Google Earth. Overlayed and blended you can see they both point to the north eastern direction that I believe at certain times of the day is when the Asses and the Manger constellation aligns in front of the beetle.

One thing that troubled me was the star of David sitting above a British Royal standard, looking back the cause of my worry was uncertainty and fear of the unknown, the thoughts I have of it now are that king David the great ruler of The United Kingdom of Israel whose son Solomon would become a great ruler in his own right, a source of inspiration if you were to compile a book entitled “ruling Kingdoms for Dummies”

During my investigations of the star of David I soon realized that this star also can be viewed as a 2d version of a 3d object in this case an eight pointed star known as a Stella Octangula, to visualize this object imagine that as you look at David’s star there is a seventh point coming up towards you and an eighth pointing away the two equilateral triangles that make the David’s star forming each one a base of the two interlocked pyramids or tetrahedrons. Plato needs to be mentioned again here as it is he who is credited as defining the tetrahedron as one of his five platonic solids, four of these solids assigned by him to an element,

The tetrahedron represents fire, the cube earth, the octahedron air, the icosahedrons water and finally the dodecahedron, a beautiful polyhedral composing of 12 regular pentagons three joining at each vertex, after his simple association of the first four solids with the four elements it is curious to note that in his writing Timaeus he describes it cryptically as “there remained a fifth construction which the God used for embroidering the constellations on the whole heavens”

Is Plato relating to each of the twelve faces of this solid to each of the twelve signs of the zodiac, I certainly think he is in one way and in another is hinting towards interstellar travel?

The Double tetrahedral star aka the Stella Octangula is also known as a Merkaba an ancient Egyptian word meaning “Mer” Counter rotating Field of light “Ka” Spirit and “Ba” spirit. It also means throne chariot of god, which is mentioned in the book of Ezekiel where Ezekiel has a vision in which the God comes down from the heavens in this chariot. As a story this confused me I had always been taught that  God was omnipresent everywhere at all times and that she only had to think of appearing anywhere and abracadabra hey presto there she was, so shouldn't it strike anyone as odd that in the bible she is riding around in a Merc !

Using my 3D software I created a wireframe model of the Merkaba and decided to rotate it 33 degrees, and again strangely as you can see here the view we have is of a 3 dimensional Star of David Coincidence ? I don’t believe in them.

What I do see is a secret society that at its root cherishes mathematics and geometry the things that create order from chaos, I believe that we can learn more of their knowledge not just by studying their rituals and writings but by experimenting for ourselves with the bits of knowledge we find among them.

While you are looking into the Star of David and its peoples you see that historical enemies of the Jew include the Nazis and the Muslims, so is it coincidental to find that this Jewish founded organization has in pride of place central to its temple in London a temple been a holy place, a white crystal encased in a golden holder then over in Mecca on the black box that is the Kabba is a black crystal encased in a silver Hajar al aswad, a definite yin yang thing going on there two opposites creating a whole.

Once I started to look with an open heart and mind many things started to fall into place that just fit, on such thing was a beautiful fresco above the altar at the Visoki Decani Monastery in Kosovo, Yugoslavia, much of the walls inside the main church are covered with amazing pictures but this one in particular is of the crucifixion of Christian mythology. Jesus is classically spread eagled upon the wooden latin cross, underneath his feet is an oversized plinth, affording him ample relief from his nailed palms, but above his head to the left and right are two stars streaking across the sky, nothing unusual if they are viewed as comets or meteors, yet as far as I am aware no religious texts describe such events at the death of the Christ only at his birth, what is even more unusual in this scene is that at the Helm of each of these stars kneels a man the positioning of them seems to suggest they are in control in some way of these flying stars, the man in the star at the front is looking backwards at the star behind, the man trailing behind appears to be looking at the lead pilot giving him a thumbs up.

The ship at the front has two stars painted on its hull which look to me like a stylized version of the star on the ceiling in London. and again 8 pointed just like a MERKABA

As unexplainable as this scene maybe in conventional terms, once again we are dealing with Merkabas, flying stars, within the arena of religion specifically Christianity / Judaism, and yet again we see that the clues are left in plain sight, you just have to know where to look.

Numerous works of art by various artists over millennia show what people claim to be evidence of aliens and other worldly flying craft, one that caught my attention was a depiction of the Crucifixion by Paolo Uccello, entitled “La Tebaide” in it Christ is again upon the cross on top of a hill, a straggly figure knelt before him, just below the base of the crucifix is a small red saucer shaped object with what appears to be one of those lines cartoon artists use to give the impression of speed and movement, plenty of ufo enthusiasts  use this as an argument to prove that there is a cover-up regarding the truth about extraterrestrial existence. Other people say that the object is the cardinals hat that of the pope, hinting towards the guilt and involvement of the Romans with the death of Christ I am assuming they must be referring to St peter the first pope of Rome, one of the disciples of Jesus.

In keeping with our theme here is that the same artist Paolo Uccello also painted a couple of versions of St George and the dragon a scene that is included on our Masonic ceiling in London.

On the side of the ceiling depicting, what I assume is St George, we see this knight mounted on a rearing steed, an oversized cloak billowing to his back, a halo frames his head, his lance outstretched towards a fire breathing dragon, between himself and the beast are two parallel columns topped with globes, the left sphere appears to be a regular globe, tilted to the left at approximately 15°, showing lines of longitude and latitude with an enlarged equatorial band. The right globe is tilted at a seemingly identical angle in the opposite direction the only significant difference is that the band around it is at least double in size to the other globe, the middle of the band segmented into uniform sections, and rather than seated neatly around the equator is tilted, I believe this represents an armillary sphere, a device used to locate celestial objects, these were used by among many other people Claudius Ptolemaeus known as Ptolemy 90AD - 168AD.

This invention is accredited to Eratosthenes 276BC - 195BC, a Greek Astronomer, Mathematician, geographer poet and athlete. He was nicknamed BETA the second letter of the Greek alphabet, supposedly because he was proven to be the second best in the entire world in just about every field he concerned himself with.
He quite fittingly here is supposed to have been the Third librarian of the library of Alexandria, the same man that Modern geographers have named my Scarab city of Atlantis upon the floor of the ocean, “The Eratosthenes Seamount”.
Between the pillars is The Royal Standard or Arms of Prince Arthur, Queen Victoria’s son who was grand master of the lodge from 1901-1939, the prince was instrumental in the building of the Grand Lodge.
Hovering in the air above these Arms is the star of David, I guess declaring his Jewish heraldry, and likely in honor of Solomon and Solomon’s father King David. It is important I feel for the reader to remember that this so called Merovingian bloodline, it is claimed by many authors that Jesus Christ and his Descendants by Mary Magdalene are members of.

In our scene The dragon about to be slain seems to have his eye fixed on either the star of David or the globe to the left of it, is this symbolic of the preparedness of the Zionists to eliminate any threat to their plans for a supposed New World Order, or is it supposed to represent the many historical enemies of the Jews.

Between Euclid and Pythagoras  is nestled what appears to be a green glowing gem, for quite some time I focused my efforts on ascertaining what it might be, after a number of weeks I identified a mineral called Fluorite. It is composed of Calcium Fluoride.

Many Samples will exhibit Fluorescence when exposed to Ultra-Violet light. It is found in a variety of colors most commonly blue, clear, green, purple, or yellow, rarer colors include black, brown, pink, red, and white.
Ultra violet light can be created when high voltage electricity is discharged.

Although this Fluorescence could explain the glow of the crystal on our ceiling another property some samples exhibit is called Thermoluminescence, basically the emission of visible light when the sample is heated. Apparently this can be shown with just the heat from your hand.

A gas called Sulfur Hexafluoride is created using this mineral, it is 6 times heavier than air, if inhaled it has the opposite effect of helium causing you to speak with a much deeper voice, I have also seen it demonstrated that because of its weight it can cause light objects to float in it.

The demonstration I watched was on You Tube, it consisted of an empty fish tank covered with a piece of board, being filled with this colorless non toxic inert gas, the cover is then removed and a small model boat made simply of aluminum foil is placed into the seemingly empty tank where it floats until, the demonstrator takes a beaker and scoop after scoop pours  the invisible gas into the boat causing it to gradually sink under the imaginary waves.

Another non coincidence is that the structural model of the sulfur hexafluoride molecule consists of a central sulfur atom with six fluorine atoms attached to it and this shape is a starting point for building the Merkaba.

Whilst researching Ptolemy I was naturally curious as to what he might have looked like, one of the first images I chanced across was an illustration of Ptolemy holding a cross-staff, published in
“Les vrais portraits et vies des hommes illustres “ (1584).

In this image he is pointing a particular star in a three star triangular formation. The vertical rule on his cross-Staff casts a shadow on his cloak I measured this against the horizontal part of the rule which again gave me 33 degrees.

The next image is of an engraving of Ptolemy,

he is sat between two pillars holding a book, a plumb bob and string aranged carefully across the book, his stare seems to transfix you, a knowing smirk on his face, his finger points towards  the book and string on it. The strange thing was the way the string was laid across the book, for a short length the string runs straight maybe an inch or two then suddenly falls limp, as a decorator by trade the plumb caught my attention straight away being a tool I used to use for hanging wallpaper, I decided once again to measure, the angle the straight piece of the string made pointing directly towards the base of the plumb weight was 33 degrees.
The two pillars he is sat between again being representatives of the pillars from Solomon’s temple both have 3 grooves down each of their lengths revealing another 33. I identified at this point that the pillars have names; they are called Boaz and Jachin.
Boaz means strength and represents the element of water, like the icosahedron,
Jachin means establishes and represents fire as does the platonic solid the tetrahedron.
Even more intriguing is that when used in parallel they represent the zodiacal signs of Cancer and Capricorn, Boaz being Cancer, Jachin Capricorn.
Another artist from the fifteenth century depicts Ptolemy again; this image shows a night sky scene complete with a crescent moon, on the floor bottom left is an armillary sphere Ptolemy is holding a sextant, stood directly behind him is a woman pointing in the general direction of the moon. When I drew a line from her finger to extend her reach, it touches one of the stars in a triple star formation just beyond the moon the exact same star as Ptolemy was pointing at in the previous image I had studied.

This pointing fashion taken by so many artists grabbed me I started to trawl the internet for paintings where the subjects might be pointing.

What I had found so far was just the proverbial tip of the iceberg.
Poussin painted “Et in Arcadia ego” 1637-1638 it also goes under the name of Les bergers d'Arcadie" ("The Arcadian Shepherds"). Apparently in the books Holy Blood Holy Grail and the Davinci Code it is associated with the Priory of Sion.
The phrase is usually interpreted as a memento mori - "Even in Arcadia I exist", as if spoken by personified Death. However, Poussin's biographer, André Félibien, interpreted it to mean that "the person buried in this tomb has lived in Arcadia"; in other words, that the person too once enjoyed the pleasures of life on earth. or maybe in ATLANTIS the original Utopia.

In the painting there are three men and a woman all are examining the words on the tomb I believe represents the tomb of Christ.

The man to next to the woman is pointing and so is she again I extruded their reach and it created a triangle 2 of the internal angles measure 33 degrees the remaining angle being 114.

Arcadia (Greek: Ἀρκαδία) refers to a Utopian vision of pastoralism and harmony with nature. The term is derived from the Greek province of the same name which dates to antiquity; the province's mountainous topography and sparse population of pastoralists later caused the word Arcadia to develop into a poetic byword for an idyllic vision of unspoiled wilderness. The Utopian vision, Arcadia, is associated with bountiful natural splendor, harmony, and is often inhabited by shepherds. The concept also figures in Renaissance mythology.
The inhabitants were often regarded as having continued to live after the manner of the Golden Age, without the pride and avarice that corrupted other regions. It is also sometimes referred to in English poetry as Arcady. The inhabitants of this region bear an obvious connection to the figure of the Noble savage, both being regarded as living close to nature, uncorrupted by civilization, and virtuous.

This sounds like a story of Atlantis

Next I came to Leonardo’s John the Baptist, a feminine looking john is holding a tall wooden cross made of thin poles, the index finger on his right hand is pointing straight up, I scoured the picture for my elusive second angle to create the 33 degrees , I just couldn’t see it, I soon realized I wasn’t using my eyes as an artist would, Johns head is tilting to his left away from the cross, the only feature on his face I could strike my line was his eyes, there it was the magic 33 degrees once again.

A news story I had read some time ago came into my head, so I searched for a decent quality picture of it on the internet.

There she was that beautiful face, The Mona Lisa with that curious smile almost a smirk, maybe even holding back laughter at the secret  she was helping reveal, because there it was the index finger of her right Hand pointing down at yes you guessed it 33 degrees.

Next was the Isenheim Altarpiece central panel by Matthias Grunewald, a man in red robes holding a book, I guess to be the bible stands to the left of the scene, pointing up at the wound of Christ, the angle 33 degrees. A pale figure of a woman to the right of Jesus is swooning backwards with grief, being held up by a man in red, again using her eyes for the angle we see it is 33 degrees. Both the arms of Christ are set an angle of 33 degrees.

Some people have claimed that Christ was 33 when he was crucified; I think that more likely is people over history have included this number wherever they can to provide people with plenty of clues as to the truth about the whole story and its true origins.
In a portrait by Peter Paul Rubens of Marie de Medici who was queen consort and later regent of France, a member of the Medici Family which was the biggest bank in Europe in the 15th century. Her descendants can be traced into the European Royal Families right up to Prince William. Sure enough in the portrait she is pointing downwards at 33 degrees.

Medici in Latin means to cure like in the word medicine; there are obviously two words here and in Latin ne means NOT so Medici /ne to cure....not!

The Medici family crest is six balls arranged in the shape of a Star of David against a yellow background five of the balls are red, the top one of the six being blue with 3 golden fleur di lis inside it.

Among their family they have had three popes

Pope Leo X (Giovanni di Lorenzo de Medici) Pope from 1513 to his death in 1521 and Pope Clement VII (Giulio di Giuliano de' Medici) pope 1523 to 1534
Surely if anyone in this world gets to know the truth about anything they want to it would be the popes?

It is extremely interesting here to see that Leonardo's association with the Medici family led him to learn some deep subjects that most people are unaware that he knew and did.

From the National Museum of Science and Technology we read 

“His [Leonardo’s] name appears [in 1472] in the account book of the painters' confraternity, the Company of St. Luke: this means that he is working as painter in his own.” It also means that he participated in their studies of Luke’s Gospel and mysticism from whence many attempted to paint the relationship of Greek mythology to Christianity. Leonard attends academies, workshops and, above all, the Medici household, where he makes the acquaintance of many mystics and learned men in addition to the philosopher Marsilio Ficino.”  In 1480 Leonardo became “a member of the Garden of San Marcos run under the patronage of Lorenzo the Magnificent” where his exposure to the best minds of Europe was further enhanced. "

"Leonardo was admitted as a member of the Garden of San Marcos, a group that discussed the teachings of Marsilio Ficino and John Argyropoulos. Marsilio ran the Medici’s Plato Academy at Careggi and taught not only Plato but other Greek and Egyptian philosophers who accepted reincarnation among other heretical concepts while John Argyropoulos, from Constantinople, was a renowned Aristotelian scholar and alchemist. Obviously, given his renown as an engineer, a scientist, a painter, and a philosopher, we can conclude his schooling involved far more than learning painting techniques. Who else besides Verrocchio, Ficino, and Argyropoulos were his teachers? Cosimo and Lorenzo de Medici fostered various Florentine schools, funding commissions for artists and translators of mystical documents of which Leonardo da Vinci had access during his youth. The Platonic Academy was a 15th-century study group in Florence. It was sponsored by Lorenzo’s father, Cosimo de' Medici, and led by Marsilio Ficino who, it is said, “was in touch with every major academic thinker and writer of his day, and the first translator of Plato's complete extant works into Latin.”

"Leonardo took part in this academy and was exposed to these thinkers who included many Neo-Platonists, alchemists, and mystics."

Throughout my journey of discovery it was hard to avoid cross paths with the ancient art of Alchemy which goes back 5000 years or more to ancient Egypt, this magical science is about the search for immortality, the wisdom of the gods and even the transmutation of ordinary metals into gold.

I was led time after time into this fascinating realm by a few things primarily the Star of David or as it is also know Solomon’s seal in alchemy when the down pointing triangle that represents water (Icosahedron, Boaz, Strength, and Cancer) and the up pointing triangle that is fire (Tetrahedron, Jachin, Establishes and Capricorn) are combined in this way they represent a combination of these opposites and the transmutation of metals into gold.

One of the most famous Figures in Alchemical history is Geber A Muslim who was an Alchemist, Astrologer, Astronomer, Chemist, engineer, geologist, pharmacist, Philosopher, Physician and Physicist. Some of his chemical discoveries include sulfuric acid, nitric acid, and hydrochloric acid, the combination of the later two in a ratio of 1:3 produce Aqua Regia a highly corrosive solution that dissolves gold and platinum.

An image I have managed to find of Geber is a 15th century picture from the Codici Ashburnhamiani which is stored in the Laurentian Library or the Biblioteca Medicea Laurenziana in Florence Italy it houses a collection of thousands of books and manuscripts that belong to the private library of the Medici family.

In the painting Geber is wearing a hat, (very similar to the one worn by Mickey Mouse in The Sorcerers’ Apprentice part of the 1940 animated feature Fantasia by Walt Disney his third animated esoteric tale.) his left hand rests against his chest his index finger pointing up towards the sky, his right hand emerging from the sleeve of his oversized robes points towards the ground on which to his right are three stones arranged in a familiar triangular formation, which is I believe representative of the star formation as Ptolemy is pointing towards in the image I talked about earlier.

Another reason for coming across this famous alchemist was the link between him classifying sulfur or in Sanskrit sulvari it can mean enemy of copper, King Solomon’s secret it is said were his mines thought of in legendary terms to be gold mines modern archeologists have now identified these mines to be south of the dead sea in the deserts of Jordan, but rather than been gold mines these are copper mines. Solomon’s seal or the Star of David nowadays resides on the flag of Israel home land of the Jewish people established in 1948 their enemy being that of the Muslims.

In the Quran king Solomon has the power to control and communicate with the Djinn, the flying creatures, one way we know of in modern times to make something fly is using high voltage electricity, to produce this energy we can use copper coils to magnify the power up to the required frequencies to make a small equilateral triangular craft known as an EHD thruster or a lifter hover in the air using nothing but electricity as its power source, the craft itself has no moving parts consisting only of thin copper wire a balsa wood frame and a small aluminum foil skirt around its base.

The Ideas of silent hovering vehicles and genies makes you think of magic carpets, in the Islamic stories of Solomon he does indeed own a flying carpet. Provocatively in Chinese the word for metal is Jin and in relation to the elements the metal it is associated with is copper the Chinese symbol for jin is this crucifix looking cross under an apex


My daughters were find all of my research spellbinding, as hard as I would find things and whenever my thoughts made me feel that everyone else around me was thinking I was a retarded fool who had really lost his marbles, they were there, always ready to listen one more time, their unwavering attention made me feel like I was reading a classic tale by Hans Christian Anderson or J M Barrie, they would listen intently absorbing my ideas while adding some of their own, their eyes so wide it was as if I had transported them to my own aspergic playground, a place where we were free to accept new ideas to rewrite history the way it really was, putting back the reality into fairy tales. Maybe the genes they inherited from me wouldn't turn out to be entwined with Aspergers syndrome after all but a more aptly named Peter Pan syndrome, where the ‘sufferer’ retained their youthful innocence with all its aspirations, they would remain in a place in their minds never polluted by the rules others will normally impress upon us, minds so free and creative that we would never have to stop laughing and conceiving new and amazing thoughts allowing them to be at one with a universe that is so big that anything you can imagine is possible.

The evening before we had a chill out night, where we would push the sofas into a cozy little corner around the TV, bunk down  on sleeping bags, the pine coffee table overflowing with pop crisps and sweets and watch movies until we all fell asleep, this particular evening we had watched the Davinci code.

The next morning I was pondering this  growing collection of pointing people, whether it was at 3 stars 3 stones or 33 degrees they were all quite deliberately pointing for a reason, and most of the subjects appear to have one of those knowing twinkle in their eyes, it was tantalizing, I could hear their voices as frustrated whispers tormenting me in my head “come on, you’re getting close, keep looking” and by now I was telling myself that whoever said it was rude to point was wrong, on the contrary it would be rude if not ignorant and stupid not to.

The Davinci code DVD box was next to me at the PC, my babies were getting their coats on ready to go to school, Emma came and picked up her school bag from next to the bureau I was sitting at, she opened her bag to check her homework was in there, she glanced up casually at the screen to see what it was

I was looking at it happened to be Ptolemy pointing at the three stars, as she went to look back down with the intent of fastening her bag the DVD case caught her eye, she exclaimed in an excited voice “look daddy he’s pointing too!” I turned my head looking in the direction of her outstretched finger and there it was the box cover had a cropped version of Leonardo’s The Last Supper painting Jesus to the center and to his left is this dark haired figure with a very pointy chin, his oversized index finger pointing straight up, but at what.

I was ecstatic in her beautiful innocence Emma had spurred me on, electrified me, my instincts were firing off in unison with my emotions. We walked to school chattering about what we might find, I think Toni was excited as me, she is a beautiful soul full of natural charm  never jealous always caring, giving compliments, forever  putting people before herself and encouraging the achievements of others.

I walked them to their classes; we would always kiss and hug then blow kisses until we were out of sight of one another.
I started out on the walk home my thoughts refused to be silenced, they became ever faster and louder until it was like a concert hall of chattering people inside my brain, my feet started to walk quicker an urgency in their step, every image I had digested was flashing in rapid succession in my mind, my legs broke into a sprint carrying me all the way home. I closed the door behind me trying to catch my breath, sweat pouring off of me, I sat back down at the computer

Finding an image of the last supper didn’t pose a problem, and the amount of information available about it that people have written is a library onto itself. The scene depicted by Leonardo is extremely thought provoking; I have a very curious mind that needs satisfying when it asks questions, the moment I started to examining the detail in this painting my brain became the proverbial WHY child, at the time I just went with it , but now years later I have had time to reflect, firstly the 13 people all have amazing expressions, facial expressions are something that aspergic people can struggle with, and each expression invokes a question then those questions become yet more questions .As frustrating as that may seem it actually forces me to dig deeper and make more discoveries and that is exactly what happened.
Initially all the images I had found on the internet seemed to end at the ceiling, this ceiling comprises of 36 inset squares, my first thought was that maybe this was it 33 plus 3 is 36 or maybe 33.3 a true third as it was and is my mind constantly filled with all manner of the number 3, its multiples and divisions.
Is there a clue in the fact that only Didymus (twin) Thomas and Christ have their heads illuminated in windows, to say they are seeing the light so to speak? A symbolic illumination, suggesting wisdom knowledge, understanding, and faith, if so of what? Is Mary being pulled from the light by Simon Peter?
The scene in front of Jesus reveals nothing out of the ordinary but James sat in front of Thomas appears to be looking the same space in front of Christ but his expression shows amazement as though he is viewing some great wonder or unbelievable accomplishment, assuming for a moment that James and Thomas are a party to the same demonstration and conversation then we can see by Thomas’s expression that he is reacting with a little more rationale and understanding maybe he and his twin Christ have already discussed this, so rather than questioning it he is in fact helping James to understand what it is that Christ is showing them.
All the images I was finding were cropped rectangular versions, showing the main scene of the supper but something was missing there was no definite clue and if there was it was becoming more and more enigmatic.
I was compelled to delve further into the history of the painting and its location. It is a 15th century mural located on the back wall of a dining room in Milan inside a church called Santa Maria Delle Grazie which translated means our lady of grace.
Leonardo decided to seal the wall prior to painting his piece with a mixture of Gesso a form of calcium carbonate mixed with animal glue, mastic, a gum derived from a plant of the pistachio family called Pistacia lentiscus, and pitch which can be either plant based (called a resin) or petroleum based also known as bitumen. He then painted the final piece onto this using tempra, a fast drying medium usually the artists pigment mixed with either egg yolk or size. Because of the methods he employed the painting has not withstood the ravishes of time, in fact just a couple of years after its completion it had already started to deteriorate.
From this history I came across news stories about the more recent renovation work that took place on the painting finishing in 1999, one particular story carried with it several photographs of the picture taken further back in the dining room, and there it was the missing piece, above the painting are 3 arches or lunettes, in each of these arches is a wreath, to the center of each wreath sits a shield. The central lunette and its wreath are bigger than the two smaller arches by approximately 50 percent. 

What was Leonardo showing me?

All the wreaths are segmented neatly into sections by eight pale colored bands that appear to serve as lashing for each wreath, but on the central wreath if the bands are to viewed as compass points, at would be east north east , are placed quite deliberately 3 apples, could it really be that Leonardo was showing us the same thing I had found in other paintings? I opened Photoshop and extended Thomas’s pointing finger up beyond the ceiling of the painting until it touched the inner most apple of the three, this was the same star as in the images of Ptolemy, clear enough to see, then why did I feel like someone who had been deaf all their life, that only had learnt one letter in sign language desperately trying to understand a full sentence, a frustrated mentor in front of me showing me over and over again the meaning but I just was not getting it.

If I was creating a two dimensional representation of a three dimensional scene then surely how viewers of the piece are drawn into and lose their selves in it would be testimony enough to my skill as an artist, and fall into it I did almost immediately, he had quite deliberately placed the apples on this wreath which is effectively a taurus an inner tube from a tire if you will, now place yourself in the same position as Thomas and look up at the apples on the wreath, you would see that rather being in a row as they appear in the view Leonardo painted, they are in fact very neatly forming the same triangular constellation as in the other pictures of Ptolemy.

Why things have been hidden in this way I can only speculate.

This video explains graphically how you can easily see what I see

Maybe Leonardo fully understood the price he would pay, if the heads of the roman catholic church realized how he was taunting them, leaving for prosperity a legacy that once again could cause the undermining of their religious dogma, removing their stranglehold of this massive world population,
who would never again trust the puppet masters once we have irrefutable proof they base what they preach on a perversion of the truth.
If this secret is as big as I felt, then how many people were on the same team as Leonardo, just how far have these players for illumination and truth gone to this trail would be easy for me to follow?

The word that stuck in my mind was asterism  with its three meanings in separate fields of study, Astronomy, Gemology, and typography.

In Astronomy it is a pattern of stars similar to the zodiac but not official constellations although the standard of the asterisms we have today comprises of 48 that were defined by Claudius Ptolemy of Alexandria.

In Gemology it defines the star shapes created on the surface of gems as light reflects on their surface or in some cases the star shapes created as light passes through the stone.

In typography it is a rarely used symbol made up of three asterisks in a triangular formation as seen here .

Whichever way you look at it we are looking at stars!
I had already downloaded a version of an astronomy program called Starry Night, with this I could turn on or off the labels for the zodiacs and the images that represent them, imagine my excitement when among the many options I could choose to view the asterisms, I eagerly turned off everything but these. It was middle of the day, as this is  a real time program the blue sky was obscuring my view of the stars, I unchecked the option for daylight, the sky became a black velvet canvas for the sea of light, a map of the past, one that has guided many a trusting soul safely to their destination, whether it was a coastal port or home to join their ancestors as spirits free to roam onto the furthest shores of the universe, remembering once again all that we seem to forget, each and every time our souls become once more the custodians of these mortal shells.

I pressed the button that started the heavens revolving on the screen in front of me allowing me to glimpse the future waltz of these celestial dancers, I turned my viewpoint to face north east the same direction as the Scarab city, as I did the definitions of the asterisms scrolled across the virtual sky like so many incomplete dot to dot images, then I saw it she soared up from below the horizon, an eagle of light her neck outstretched her wings taught gliding on a cosmic wind, majestically climbing higher and higher into the night sky, the front star her beak effortlessly guiding the tips of her wings.

The Northern donkey is the star that Thomas, Geber, Ptolemy and Ptolemy’s lady friend are all pointing at.

Immediately we see from the name of our constellation the connection to Jesus and Mary the donkey that the mother of Jesus rode to Bethlehem, the two asses/donkeys that Jesus rode through the streets of Jerusalem.

As I was even less familiar with asterisms than the zodiacs in the night sky I was compelled to find where in the night sky the Asses and the manger was in relation to something I could recognize, With the asses and the manger still central on my screen I turned off the asterisms and turned on the zodiacs BANG! Rather than being one of the asterisms that sat somewhere away from these familiar signs of the zodiac, the asses and the manger instead shared its three stars with Cancer the crab the symbol for which is  a the year I was born 1969, the sign opposite mine on the zodiac wheel that of Capricorn my birthday being 27th of December, the two signs designated to the pillars of Solomon. What I found next about the sign for cancer really started slotting the pieces together, thousands of years ago the sign for cancer in ancient Egypt was a scarab beetle, there is a rectangular zodiac on the ceiling of the Hathor temple's Great Hypostyle Hall showing this.

My brain assuming the role of myth maker can see a seriously simple connection for an explanation here, was it that after the legendary destruction of Atlantis that this vast scarab of the desert was better associated with a crab seeing how this once great city was now underwater?
What then of the connection to Mary and Jesus with Thomas pointing out for us this constellation?
We have a pair of donkeys and a manger a crib a babies bed, but this a babies bed was in a stable where we keep our livestock and to make a baby we would indeed need a pair to breed from, one male and one female a North and a South, and once the baby was born we would need a bed is this one of the secrets Leonardo is showing us in his painting, Mary Magdalene and Jesus Christ are both dressed in red and blue, from the left of the image Mary is in a blue tunic with a red shawl draped over her shoulder, then we have Jesus is in a red tunic with a blue shawl over his shoulder, the opposite of each other we can presume then that these are opposites male and female, also red and blue are the traditional colours of a magnet red for the north and blue for the south. Mary and Christ are wearing their red clothes adjacent to one another, yet for oddly for a couple, they are leaning away from one another but this is exactly what happens if you were to bring two magnets together with their like poles facing together.

The fascination for millions of people with this painting, lovers of art and religion alike, drawn to gaze upon and write about it, seemingly charmed by a magicians spell, maybe though this spell has been cast to breat something of a more sinister nature a spell cast eons ago to malevolently capture hearts minds and souls.

One story in particular that kept popping up in my internet searches was about an amateur Italian scholar called Slavisa Pesci who in 2007 had crashed practically crashed all of the internet sites containing information and images about the last supper painting by Leonardo.

He had taken a copy of the last supper painting and mirrored a duplicate layer on top of it, creating for us a form of Pareidolia, in this resulting image he claimed you can see the holy grail the mythological cup that Christ drank from at the last supper, Philip who is standing next to James now appears to be holding a baby (the top of Simon peters head) and the combined images of Bartholomew and Simon the Zealot from either end of the table, now give us a Templar Knight.

These claims obviously struck chords with all manner of believers, we have the legendary cup that supposedly possess miraculous powers, the baby lends weight to the theory that Jesus and Mary had a child together , and the templar knight connection is with the crusaders the knights of Christ who have fought for the holy land for millennia  while they are also supposed to protect secrets and be the custodians of such things as the holy grail, the secret of the ancestors of Jesus, the ark of the covenant and other holy relics including the head of John the Baptist.
15,000,000 visitors clogged the internet in the first hour alone the morning the story broke, according to news sources.

The images didn’t really convince me of much as regards the claims the clearest image I could see was of the Templar Knight, but the baby and the grail I failed to see. What did excite me was the method with which he had discovered these things, mirroring is something historically Leonardo is proved to have done we know he wrote backwards, a few reasons have been suggested as to why he did this

1)  He was trying to make it harder for people to read his notes and steal his ideas.

2)  He was hiding his scientific ideas from the powerful Roman Catholic Church, whose teachings sometimes disagreed with what Leonardo observed.

3)  Writing left handed from left to right was messy because the ink just put down would smear as his hand moved across it. Leonardo chose to write in reverse because it prevented smudging

I believe more than this that he was leaving us yet another clue as to how we should look at his work as a whole.

Slavisa was using the right method just finding things in a popular area; I had to try this for myself.
I took the image of the last supper in Milan in my copy of Photoshop, duplicated it onto a second layer, rotated the top layer 180 degrees horizontally so that it became the mirror image of the bottom layer, I then reduced the opacity of the top layer to 50%.

The first thing I did was position the layers so that they duplicated the results of Slavisa Pesci, not a difficult task but a start.

After this I started sliding the images one way then the other, I saw all manner of weird and wonderful patterns, as strange and meaningless as some of my results were I was finding the whole exercise deeply hypnotic  if not highly addictive, but above all thoroughly frustrating, the image quality was abysmal.
I sourced various images of different sizes and resolutions but no matter the size or quality, the same problem was ever present and that was that the original wall is in such a poor state of repair that with the best will in the world you are going to create more images from the cracks and flakes than you are from the original colours and imagery that remain in Milan.

If Leonardo has left us a legacy of truth hidden cryptically in the tapestry of brush strokes, I can see that the majority of it has been lost with the onslaught of time that has ravished this masterpiece, my heart sank at the thought of this , I felt how Leonardo must have felt at this same realization as he saw it start to flake and crack soon after he had completed it, but from everything I had learnt about this enigmatic genius I knew one thing for sure, he was not a quitter, he would not be beaten, his persistence of vision, his passion for discovery and truth so strong that he would find a way to preserve these clues, if they were important enough for him to hide them in any of his work in the first place.

Was he acting alone on this crusade of light, I do not believe he was, somebody had to have initiated him into this lake of fire which burns away any shred of hope or comfort you may have found in your belief whether they be that of Catholicism, Christianity, Judaism or Islam, you find that idea damning but I can promise you the morning after your flaming baptism, you will feel freer than the day you were born.

There is a large amount of information regarding the restoration of the last supper yet for the 23 years of laborious work I found it hard to see what improvements had been made, I presume by restoration they mean the cleaning and preserving of the painting as it is, not to restore it to its original condition as it was upon its completion by Leonardo.

In the Queens private collection since before 1690 are many drawings by Leonardo including his cartoons sketches and studies he undertook prior to starting work on the Last Supper in Milan, even with these no one would be so bold as to add to the master piece and paint in all the cracks and missing pieces.

Disheartened I glumly browsed the internet idly clicking through the megabytes of images that litter cyberspace thousands upon thousands or versions of the last supper in all manner of mediums from oils to stone. Initially I found nothing that compared to Leonardo’s original for beauty and its eroded detail until I chanced upon what I initially thought was a modern reproduction, as I read about this painting my enthusiasm was renewed.

This was a full size copy housed in Tongerlo Abbey Antwerp and it contains a wealth of detail that the wall painting in Milan no longer contains due to the damage it has sustained over the years, at first I found a speculative piece about it being painted by Marco d'Oggiono one of Leonardo’s best pupils though it appears that is all it is, speculation the artist is unknown but by overlaying a copy of the Milan version you can see it is a glorious exact replica!

Here we see TOP the Antwerp copy then the CENTER Milan version and finally BOTTOM a composite of the two.

Staying with the idea of a Marco d'Oggiono or some other pupil being the artist, Marco d'Oggiono for instance had done various versions of Leonardo’s work in his career; “The virgin and child” is one such painting,

The Virgin of the rocks is another

The actual method for creating exact replicas rather than variations on a theme was to take a pin and prick holes around the detail of the original onto a tracing paper; the artist would then take a cloth bag of charcoal dust and pad over the pinprick silhouetted paper onto a fresh canvas creating a detailed starting point. This made so much sense to me Leonardo had at his beck and call these brilliantly trained apprentices, some of which he may have actually entrusted with the actual secret of what it was the paintings could reveal, this would leave him free to carry on with commissions while ensuring that his pupils would be training on a like for like stroke by stroke apprenticeship.

Other information I came across discussed that the painting may have been completed by Leonardo himself.

As a decorator I feel that Leonardo would have entrusted while watching over the base painting and preparation of the piece before applying the finishing touches, in the exact same way as an apprentice decorator I used to be entrusted with the preparation of a wall before my father would come and check my work before applying the final coat of paint as only then his hand could each stroke an accumulation of years of professional discipline and experience, that sort of craftsmanship only comes with age.

At this time in my life I was lonely a feeling of rejection overwhelming my mind whenever it wasn’t preoccupied with all these questions and answers, at the times I was feeling low I would either cry for an hour or get angry, because of all that for all I had found, despite its euphoric highs and the volumes of wisdom and truth it was unveiling, it wasn’t bringing me the happiness I was searching for, the companionship of a beautiful woman who accepts me for who and what I am, someone who delights as I do in the flipside of reality, chasing down the unseen truths, a soul mate to be unfazed by the ignorant attitudes of those who choose to ridicule our beliefs.

Armed with this new detailed image I felt ready to prove the speculation concerning Leonardo being the artist, to justify the courage of the Antwerp monks for protecting this masterpiece in their Leonardo museum which incidentally seems an odd name for a museum whose center piece is a painting by a supposedly unknown artist!

I prepared the image in Photoshop increasing the base resolution by thousands of pixels, the determined feeling I had as much as it drove me to discovery also served to ridicule me inescapable was the feeling that at any moment I could just start laughing hysterically in a classically schizophrenic inappropriate way.

I started sliding the image side to side the anticipation of an athlete on the blocks wanting to not run for fear of failure, no I had to listen to my inner most voice, no fear just do this I wasn't about to let my Aspergers run my life anymore, no more digging holes and hiding, I drew the images of Mary Magdalene closer together, the mirroring point consuming the image as it disappeared steadily under itself, the sides of her window met gently doubling it in size, I stopped and pulled my hand off of the mouse, as good as the detail in this image was I wanted to watch this antique picture show pixel by pixel, in case the clue I was searching for was so small I might miss it in my usual aspergic haste. I tapped the left arrow key every four or five seconds scanning each new kaleidoscopic image created from top to bottom, would there be a symbol appear in the shadowy ceiling perhaps a word at her feet or even hieroglyphs upon the table cloth? Click move scan, click move scan I was becoming an organic photocopier, a fleshy cyborg desperate to please my puppet master.

My eyes were tiring I needed a break, I got up and went through to the kitchen, waiting for the kettle to boil I stared out of the window the sun had decided to show, the blue sky broken with clouds drifting effortlessly past their gradient shades of white through to grey seeming to have floated straight off of an artist’s canvas, I had discovered a renewed love of all natures creations thanks to the skill of histories army of artists these masters of illusion, wizards of light that with the ease of gods simply wave their sable tipped wands across their canvas and create worlds for us to explore.

As I sat back at the computer Mary’s face tried to tempt me back into my loneliness, all she managed to do was bring a smile of contentment to my face as I gazed at her beautiful face, as crazy as this treasure hunt was I was loving every second of it, all its highs and lows.

I wondered what mischief it was that Simon Peter was whispering to her, his hand seductively flirting with her neck, posed in such a way it brought to mind the serpent tempting eve in the Garden of Eden, his forked tongue planting some seed of discord, wanting nothing more than to effect her eviction, his jealousy of Mary and loathing of Christ obvious in his expression, the arching of his decrepit back telling of his impatience to implement his selfish plan, his body poised in such that should Christ turn to notice and wonder he could slyly return to his frivolous conversations with Bartholomew James and Andrew, Leonardo’s  portrayal  of Simons demeanor appears to be that of a bully, sneaky and self centered aware of Mary being closer in all ways to Christ, this man the official first pope of Rome, although some argue Mary in fact was, obviously rewarded for his contribution in forwarding the agenda of a male dominated chauvinistic regime which went on to rule until today.

I started to slide Mary closer towards herself once more, the mirroring point curling in on its self, beautiful shapes briefly flaunting their selves to me sirens in oil leading me onwards, their captivating curves enchanting me to create more, the landscape behind Mary was changing every few seconds as I touched the arrow key again, but what was this ? in the clouds approaching one another were two dark angular strokes, destined each one to collide with its mirrored twin, they were still some way off, I tapped at the keyboard until they locked together, suspended in the sky an upturned v shape an apex.

I zoomed in so as to fill the screen with this new feature, my mind was whirring a brass abacus of gears and levers, no, could it be? Surely not, I rushed to open an image of Atlantis below the waves, I was shaking this couldn’t be right, could it? Yet there it was the same feature I had noticed over a year ago the apex on top of the domed scarab city set at the same angle as the hovering apex in the last supper, was this just coincidence, come on Nik look for a simpler answer, my mind wasn’t having any of it like a broken record repeating over and over that this is the same thing I filled the screen with this new shape, compelled to take a closer look I clicked on the little magnifying glass icon in Photoshop as I zoomed closer and closer the image went passed its quality threshold and started to become blocky, damn, I drew back further and further until I could see the whole of Mary’s window, my mouth was dry I picked up my cup lifting it thoughtfully to my lips its sugary taste bringing me back down quieting my mind, like a medium breaking a link with the spirit world sipping a glass of water.

I lowered the cup savoring the warm liquid in my mouth I glanced back at the screen what the hell I choked coughed and spluttered tea shooting from my mouth and nostrils all over my screen and keyboard, oh crap, I dashed to the kitchen for some paper towel, throwing open both of the wall cupboard doors I grabbed the roll from the shelf as I spun back round to head back into the lounge I smashed my head on the corner of the cupboard door, stars shooting in front of my eyes as I squeezed them shut in pain, I slammed the door closed and started to run back to mop up the mess before any damage was done, as I did I stubbed my big toe on the leg of the kitchen table I went down on one knee cradling my toes in my hand, tears in my eyes, the initial pain subsided I got up and gingerly limped back into the lounge.

Tea was rolling slowly down the screen, I wiped it clean and sat back down, this was incredible, hovering in the air below the apex was a crucifix its squared edges purposefully catching the light in such a way as to show its form in three dimensions, if it is on the same scale as the apex it must be 15 miles tall, below this on the floor of the scene through the window was a dome a structured geometric form more than this it is a dodecahedron dome half buried in the sand creating the back end of the scarab beetle, laid in the desert reaching away from me, I jumped back halfway across the room, sending my chair flying as I did, my stomach was wrenching I felt physically sick this was unreal, it surpassed all the feelings I had encountered during the last year since first discovering the beetle city of Atlantis, here it was again jumping out at me from an oil painting by Leonardo Da Vinci. Immediately I knew this was Atlantis Leonardo has obviously fashioned the dome from a dodecahedron Plato’s fifth solid, Plato being the first man who we know of to talk about Atlantis in his writings Timaeus and Critias. I set my chair straight and sat at the bureau I was dumb struck, could this be the work of God? I could certainly hear the voice of destiny booming at me it’s you while pointing a long finger at my head,  I felt like the star of a show stood on the stage at opening night with no lines, expected to give the performance of my career, I was scared truly scared, more than that I was alone.

As I looked at the screen I started to drift to a place far away piecing together scenario after scenario desperately trying to comprehend what magic lie behind this mad existence that had become my life, what thoughts were going through Leonardo’s mind when he was painting these secrets, di he know somehow that it would be me to find them, was it written down as a prophesy somewhere, did someone instruct him to do it, did Christ know, did Mary know that it would be my vision of her divine femininity that would lead me to this point? Tears started running down my face my heart felt though it might explode with love, my eyes became hazy with the warm outpouring of emotion as I drew in a breath it was a labored gasping, the bond that developed with all this discovery was affecting me on a deep level but not in a way I regret, I needed a release even if it was an involuntary one.
A question came to me, what if Slavisa’s claims were correct and obviously what I was seeing was unmistakable, but had Leonardo hidden more, and how was this possible, could the painting hide and portray so much that it could give us an unbiased account of the religious history?

I scrolled back to reveal the scene of Mary’s window from ceiling to floor, I started to laugh, little insane giggles at first then louder and louder until I realized I would have to make a conscious effort to stop it, there in the velvet folds of Marys clothing is an oversized fleur-de-lis, pointing directly up at the city of Atlantis. Among other things the Fleur-De-Lis is the symbol of the Priory of Sion, the society that is supposedly protecting the secret family bloodline of Christ carried by Merovingian Kings. Leonardo is supposed to have been a grand master of the Priory from 1510 to 1519.

The proportions of this fabric flower are perfect, not that after learning this much I would have expected any less from Leonardo. Its central leaf has an uncannily resemblance to a woman’s vulva, flowers do generally symbolize a woman’s reproductive organs, the lily most of all, in Christianity the lily is associated with Mary as a symbol of her immaculateness is Leonardo therefore using this as a euphemism for the delights of life the union of a woman and a man  of Christ and mary, the ultimate feminine flower who blossomed bringing forth new life?

I am sure many people would have stopped searching at this point, I thoughtfully wanted to give it up, the fear of this mystical coding of images, the depth of the subject matter brings to a person a healthy fear of the unknown, it is an alchemic purification of the soul that tears away at the rotten flesh that is the pre-programming that life inflicts upon you, but the thirst for knowledge forced me to go forward a fire so dry that it needs quenching continually.

The scene before me called out many questions the first one was where in the world are we? Is Leonardo showing us a true to life view or is he bringing together some profound knowledge of this long lost place that somehow will marry up with Jesus and Mary and show me something that was not yet apparent.

If this is a true to life view the distance between Mary’s window and the city must be considerable as the dome is over 30 miles wide, although from here it looked tiny, also we would be need to be high up I thought maybe on a mountain or perhaps up some ancient skyscraper which as far as I was aware did not exist over 2000 years ago.

Contemplating the idea of new revelations regarding our accepted understanding of biblical accounts, I suddenly had a eureka moment, if this view was actual we can’t be in Jerusalem, in The Room of the Last Supper on Mount Zion if we were we would be to the east of Atlantis viewing the scarab city as we looked towards the west and Leonardo would have painted for us a side profile of the city, rather than the view from the window that provides a line of site which looks directly straight towards the beetles backside!

There must be hundreds of miles from Atlantis to the nearest land in Egypt and this being the case I started to think I might have to scour the entire ocean floor in between and then some way in land until I perhaps came to a mountain that would provide the elevation I would need to afford myself the view Leonardo was showing me here.

I decided to use Google Earths measuring tool it could tell me the actual distance from Atlantis to the land at the same time giving me a path to search below for significant rises on the ocean floor. I opened up the software and eagerly snapped a line straight back from the scarab until I hit land, stretching the tape in such away to mimic the view we have in the last supper painting by Leonardo, Mirrored by me.

Just over 200 miles the read out on Google Earth displayed I dropped my altitude down to see where I had intersected land, it was Alexandria in Egypt, I lowered my viewpoint even further as close to ground level as I could and swung around to face the beetle, this seemed an unlikely vantage point I may well have seen the apex and crucifix hovering in the air but I couldn’t imagine being able to see the city that sits over two hundred miles away from here, of course I suddenly remembered that the city of Atlantis on the floor of the Mediterranean ocean is sitting in a basin that drops thousands of meters at the sides of her dome. But what of the building we are eating in the perspective Leonardo shows suggests more height that an average human standing on the shore or looking out of the window at ground level.
I rejected the idea of going further inland it seemed obvious the further away I became from Atlantis the less of it I would see. I would need to be higher, I rotated my view to look down on the shores of Alexandria below I was over a small harbor its tiny white boats neatly arranged around its edges, of course how could I have not thought of it before, we may not have had the sky scrapers we have today back in the time of Christ but we did have lighthouses.
I flicked to the Google search engine in my Firefox web browser and typed in lighthouses Egypt Alexandria and right at the top of the list was a link to Lighthouse of Alexandria on the Wikipedia the free online encyclopedia I eagerly digested the page, it was one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, built in the 3rd century BC on the island of Pharos, which lends its self to the other name for the lighthouse The Pharos of Alexandria. It was destroyed by an earthquake in the 1300’s.

Okay I thought good it was there at the time Jesus was supposed to have lived this is a good start, but where about in Alexandria was it, I copied the co-ordinates from the Wikipedia page and pasted them into Google Earths Fly to search bar and clicked the begin search button, the screen didnt move north south east or west, it just gained a little altitude rotated to realign to true north then came to rest as gently as a feather on a mill pond, directly above my existing location, I scrolled down to survey the location in more detail all I could see was the fort that now stands on the original site The fort of Qaitbay a 15th century defensive fortress built using the ruins of The Pharos Lighthouse.

This seemed to be too easy although looking back I suppose it was common sense all the same I was overwhelmed with pride and excitement, feeling like a fictional character in a school boy novel, following clues on an ancient treasure map, I knew though that when this X marked the spot I wouldn’t be making snow angels in a mountain of shiny coins and jewels, more fields of golden buttercups and clover, the untold wealth will be my freshly rediscovered freedom my renewed faith  in my own self confidence strengthening with every step, confidence that had been slowly eroded by years of allowing self pity to eat away at my spirit, when all along all I had to do to stop its demise was listen to my inner voice, after all I chose this path in life, all that was happening I knew my soul was already aware of she had after all written the book, predetermined which lessons we were to learn in this incarnation, who we would meet, when we would cry and laugh, all the other souls we would love and which ones we would share ourselves with, still no matter how uplifting or inspired I felt then or now recounting this for you, I know that this knowledge is only any good when you make a conscious effort to remember and use it, I am not saying it will be easy, what you must do is make time to think it every day,until it fits comfortably with you, smile when you think of it regardless of what you were thinking before it came to mind, let it lift you because it is you. Eventually it will take back its place within you becoming as intrinsic as every breath you take to sustain your fragile existence, you will come to understand that your being radiates such a brilliant white light that other people will want to be around you bathing in your loving warmth, their spirits sensing what it is that you have remembered that they have forgot.

So where am I at this point, I have discovered the location of Atlantis, a scarab shaped domed city, found clues that quite deliberately show the location at 33n 33e its connection to an ancient constellation, that comprises of two donkeys and a baby’s bed, which sits neatly on the back of a crab that is the constellation of Cancer, that was once a scarab beetle which in ancient Egypt represents eternal life, This constellation has hiding in it an angle of 33 degrees.

Having established the location of the last supper to this exact location was an historic moment for me, overshadowed at the sense of loss I was feeling at learning of its destruction, no one will ever be able to go on a pilgrimage to the place where one of the most legendary figures in religious mythology had spent eating his last meal before he was supposedly murdered because of the jealousy and greed of the Romans and the Jews.

The Very idea that I can visibly demonstrate a totally plausible and credible theory based on pictorial and symbolic facts means that the ideas that are out there as accepted religious truths can be seriously questioned, if the last supper took place in Alexandria high inside a light house rather than in Jerusalem on Mount Zion, then what else has been twisted to deceive us?

I chuckled like a naughty school boy, watching a Monty Python film, what if someone charged with the task of censoring the original transcripts and diaries  of Christ’s colleagues and every time we read “ I AM THE LIGHT” what we should be reading I am the light house keeper.

No wonder he could feed the 5000 with all that fish, just contemplate the idea for a moment, all those happy fishermen probably giving Jesus a share of their catch in gratitude of his keeping his eternal light glowing, what about the loaves you say, just imagine all those fishermen’s wives nervous as to the fate of their brave husbands kneading away at piles of dough baking loaf after loaf to keep their minds from whittling, when eventually the boats returned to the harbor the women would run down to greet their husbands loaves in hand, the men turning to one another eyebrows raised OH NO not bread AGAIN they couldn’t face eating it so rather than hurt their spouses feelings they would gently suggest donating it to the poor hungry lighthouse keeper as a sign of their gratitude.

Once all the fishermen had returned to their homes poor old Jesus was left looking at all this food think what in heaven’s name he might do with it all, then he has a an idea He will throw a party for everyone all he had to do was throw up a banner on the light house advertising it and turn a few gallons of water into wine.

I needed to know what this lighthouse looked like; the first image I came across was on the Wikipedia page all about the Pharos lighthouse, it is a drawing completed in 1909 by German archaeologist Prof. H. Thiersc.

Its initial height is square then the upper section appears to be octagonal the final section is a conical roof which is supported with pillars, and then is topped with what appears to be a figure holding a flaming torch not unlike the statue of liberty in New York harbor.

Surely I thought this being one of seven wonders of the ancient world, there has to be a pictorial record if not an antique document detailing its construction or its final appearance? It did after all stand for at least 1500 years, I decided to navigate away from the Wikipedia page and resort instead to old faithful, Google images, what I found next brings everything so far together, yet as obvious as it will seem this was no way near the end off the journey.

As Google delivered its selection of images to me, my eyes were drawn to a photo of a sandstone coloured building, set against a clear blue sky, I remember thinking it was probably a miniature replica model based on another artists impression, I was right in one respect, it is a replica but not a miniature, this is a 333ft full scale replica, built aptly enough in Alexandria in Virginia Washington USA. This isn’t a replica the like of which you might find in the Epcot Center in Walt Disney World Florida, providing entertainment for droves of tourists, this is as important to American history as the declaration of independence.

It is the George Washington Masonic Memorial.

Now why would the freemasons build an exact replica of a lighthouse that no longer exists the official explanation is, a lighthouse that stood on a spot that once overlooked a dry Mediterranean basin that was dominated by  a 30 mile wide dodecahedral Domed city called Atlantis.
To me this is a stone warning to all those opposing freemasonry, it speaks in a steadfast way that the secrets they guard are always poised on the tips of their tongues, secrets so profound that if told the religions of today namely, Christianity, Catholicism, Judaism, and Islam, will all be viewed with suspicion and contempt, the sort of destruction and chaos this information could bring about we can only guess at, to me it is comparable to a cold war with the threat of annihilation from nuclear weapons preventing both sides from pressing the button to launch the missiles.

Surely though there is something seriously wrong with this picture, a story where an ancient order protects itself from persecution or even extinction by hiding behind a shield of truth.

With the clues so far delivering me back into the lap of the freemasons, I was compelled back to studying the ceiling of the Masonic hall in London; I was drawn by some unseen hand to the crystal at its center but why?

It is fascinating that the location of the Masonic Replica is named after its Egyptian counterpart Alexandria, was there something special about this place, I did know that it was once a hub of knowledge .

The Library at Alexandria was in charge of collecting all the world's knowledge, and most of the staff was occupied with the task of translating works onto papyrus paper. It did so through an aggressive and well-funded royal mandate involving trips to the book fairs of Rhodes and Athens. According to Galen, any books found on ships that came into port were taken to the library, and were listed as "books of the ships". Official scribes then copied these writings; the originals were kept in the library, and the copies delivered to the owners.

It was at this point that I learnt that Alexandria is actually named after Alexander The Great Who once ruled Macedonia

when I clicked the hyperlink to discover more about this ancient country that another clue revealed itself to me, it was the country’s flag almost identical to the star in the center of the Grand Masonic Temple in London.

Alexander arrived in Egypt after defeating the Persian forces who had invaded about 10 years previously (for the second time). As the Persians had won a reputation for being disrespectful of the Egyptian culture and religious traditions, he was generally seen as a liberator by the Egyptians.

 He travelled to Siwa Oasis, where the oracle of Amun confirmed him as the legitimate ruler (i.e. the Pharaoh) of Egypt. He also travelled to the traditional administrative capital of Egypt in Memphis, where he likewise gave respect to the cult of Ptah.

Ptah is the demiurge (artisan-like figure responsible for the fashioning and maintenance of the physical universe) of Memphis, god of craftsmen and architects.

Here is the overview of The Great Architecct of the Universe , notably the mention to Freemasonry  stands out for me.

"The Great Architect of the Universe (also Grand Architect of the Universe or Supreme Architect of the Universe) is a conception of God discussed by many Christian theologians and apologists.
As a designation it is used within Freemasonry to neutrally represent deity (in whatever form, and by whatever name each member may individually believe in). It is also a Rosicrucian conception of God, as expressed by Max Heindel. The concept of the demiurge as a grand architect or a great architect also occurs in gnosticism and other religious and philosophical systems."

Alexander had a full Egyptian royal titulary, and you can see his cartouche in Luxor Temple, where he had a small section of it rebuilt.

Its symbolic meaning is so transparent once you know what it is you are looking at, the four scarab beetles on the corners of the ceiling all point towards this stylized crystal symbolic of Macedonia’s flag, purposely placed to lead us to Alexander the Great and Alexandria the location of the last supper.

Obviously Leonardo knew more about these secrets than even I could guess at he was after all an enigma.
I felt I should be looking for more of these mirror images, something inside of me was urging me forward, I opened up again the Last supper still displaying the view of Atlantis, the guiding voice inside my head was whispering reassuring words to my subconscious, more than words these were feelings and emotions, soothing my heart and calming my anxious soul, I wondered if the guiding spirits were constantly protecting me always repairing my damaged thinking poisoned by the world, nurturing and feeding the flame inside of me the cries out to be celebrating women, the reassuring warmth , honesty, innocence and love that you will only find when you are in the arms of the one, the person you strive to find all your life, you may along the way you find yourself holding someone, feeling that this is truly it, if you can smile every time you are together, celebrating in one another’s inner beauty, being happy with nothing more than each other’s companionship, so much that when your arms are holding tight that special person you feel your souls melt and become one then rest assured your search is over.

The relaxed confident smile on Mary’s face drew me back to my search, to and fro I slid her image concentrating hard so as to glimpse any piece of this puzzle that may present its self, I didn’t have to search for long as I pulled the windows apart and went to put Mary’s heads together a shape appeared, one that I instantly recognized as Egyptian, a lionesses face grinning back at me from my digital canvas a Bastet the ancient Egyptian Deity.

Protector of Ra or Amen-Ra, to me this meant the protector of Jesus or Christ, with its Amen connection, often women can and do defend their men with the viciousness of a wild Lioness and the instinct of a mother towards her cubs. I marvelled once more at the genius of my mentor, Leonardo must have spent years preparing to disguise this story in oils.
I switched to Wikipedia again, hungry  to begin my initiation into the world of this sensual wildcat, her toned figure poised to strike at any threat, not more than a couple of sentences into the internet page, a string of words leapt at me like a lioness grabbing at the throat of an antelope, swift and precise in her plan, in Ancient Egyptian

Bastet literally meant ‘ Female of The Ointment Jar’.

This phrase can be found in many books and writings including numerous in the bible about Mary Magdalene in reference to her anointing the feet of Christ with a ritual holy oil, which she fetched in an alabaster jar. Alabaster is a mineral called calcium carbonate, which has the same chemical formulae as limestone, the stone the pyramids in Giza are constructed from.

Luke 7:36-50

When one of the Pharisees invited Jesus to have dinner with him, he went to the Pharisee’s house and reclined at the table. A woman in that town who lived a sinful life learned that Jesus was eating at the Pharisee’s house, so she came there with an alabaster jar of perfume. As she stood behind him at his feet weeping, she began to wet his feet with her tears. Then she wiped them with her hair, kissed them and poured perfume on them. When the Pharisee who had invited him saw this, he said to himself, “If this man were a prophet, he would know who is touching him and what kind of woman she is—that she is a sinner.” Jesus answered him, “Simon, I have something to tell you.” “Tell me, teacher,” he said. “Two people owed money to a certain moneylender. One owed him five hundred denarii,[a] and the other fifty. Neither of them had the money to pay him back, so he forgave the debts of both. Now which of them will love him more?” Simon replied, “I suppose the one who had the bigger debt forgiven.” “You have judged correctly,” Jesus said. Then he turned toward the woman and said to Simon, “Do you see this woman? I came into your house. You did not give me any water for my feet, but she wet my feet with her tears and wiped them with her hair. You did not give me a kiss, but this woman, from the time I entered, has not stopped kissing my feet. You did not put oil on my head, but she has poured perfume on my feet. Therefore, I tell you, her many sins have been forgiven—as her great love has shown. But whoever has been forgiven little loves little.” Then Jesus said to her, “Your sins are forgiven.” The other guests began to say among themselves, “Who is this who even forgives sins?” Jesus said to the woman, “Your faith has saved you; go in peace.”

Undoubtedly Leonardo was certain of the facts he wanted me to see in the face of this lioness, the remarkable methods with which he has preserved these disturbing truths are beyond the comprehension of all but the most adept masters of not only the arts and sciences but surely of mysticism and magic as well.

This next image found this year (2013) seems to make the clues read like a sentence.

The mysterious extra hand in the painting is holding a knife the tip of which lines up perfectly with the ribs of  Jesus where traditionally we are taught, told led to believe that a roman soldier stuck a spear in to Jesus while he was supposedly on the cross.

The fact that there is also a cut dripping blood on the Cheek of Simon Peter seems to add to our unfolding truth.

What is the reason yet again Leonardo poses one of his subjects at 33 degrees?